Elevating Real Estate Success with Sean Jadidian and Quadra Staging: A Tale of Transformative Partnerships

In the bustling metropolis of New York City, the real estate market is as dynamic as it is competitive. Amidst this whirlwind, the name Sean Jadidian resonates as a beacon of expertise. A seasoned professional with Douglas Elliman, Jadidian’s insight into the intricacies of the market are unmatched. Paired with Quadra Staging, a renowned leader in luxury staging, their collaboration keeps pushing the quality of property presentation and sales in New York City.

A Partnership Forged in Success

Jadidian and Quadra have joined forces on four remarkable staging projects, each a testament to their shared commitment to excellence. Through a wide variety of properties in New York City, their collaboration has consistently delivered outstanding results. Notably, the recent staging of 99 Jane Street in West Village stands as a shining example of their success—a property that secured a contract within weeks of staging, showcasing the undeniable impact of Quadra’s staging expertise guided by Jadidian’s New York City market expertise.

Elevating Real Estate Success with Sean Jadidian
Jadidian’s mantra on staging is succinct, yet powerful: “It’s simple—it sells the property faster at a higher price.” Drawing parallels to personal presentation, he emphasizes the importance of showcasing a property’s best qualities tailored to target buyers. With Quadra, Jadidian finds a seamless synergy, ensuring that every property is presented in its best light. His endorsement of Quadra’s capabilities speak volumes, underlining their unparalleled expertise in the New York real estate market.

Daniela Schneider, Chief Design Officer at Quadra, echoes Jadidian’s sentiments. “Sean’s market expertise paired with Quadra’s staging prowess create a winning formula,” she observed. Together, they adopt a comprehensive approach to staging, crafting immersive experiences that resonate with potential buyers on a deeper level. The strategic alliance between Jadidian and Quadra ensure that properties professionally staged by Quadra not only sell faster, but also command higher prices, setting them apart from the competition.

Quadra: Setting the Standard in Luxury Staging
Founded on the principles of ephemeral design, Quadra Staging boasts a collective of top interior design experts dedicated to elevating spaces, through artistry and innovation. With a legacy spanning two decades, Quadra has become synonymous with excellence in the New York City luxury staging market.
A bespoke approach lies at the heart of Quadra’s methodology. Unlike traditional staging companies, Quadra’s strategy transcends mere furnishing—it’s a strategic enhancement that maximizes property value and minimizes time on the market. Their meticulous attention to detail and tailored approach ensure that every aspect of the staging process is optimized for success.

Quadra’s track record speaks for itself. Properties staged by Quadra not only sell faster, but also command higher prices, outperforming untouched units and traditionally staged properties alike. In a market saturated with competitors, Quadra’s strategic process sets them apart as the premier choice for luxury staging in New York City.

What makes Quadra the best staging company in New York?
Quadra’s commitment to excellence extends beyond mere aesthetics. Their strategic approach to staging is a proven investment, yielding tangible results for clients. Whether it’s a sleek penthouse in Manhattan, a townhouse on the Upper East Side, or a charming two bedroom in West Village, Quadra’s transformative touch ensures that every property shines bright, captivating buyers and securing top-dollar sales.

For those seeking to elevate their real estate success, Quadra Staging is the undeniable choice. Experience the difference that meticulous design and strategic staging can make—discover Quadra, where every detail pays off.

A snapshot of our collaborative success

165 West 91st Street, #12EF

Asking: $5,995,000
Sold for: $6,300,000

In Contract in 23 days.
$305,000 above ask after
bidding war.

70 Berry Street, #6A

Asking: $5,995,000
Sold for: $6,300,000

In Contract in 8 days
99 Jane Street, #3L

Asking: $5,995,000
Sold for: $6,300,000

In Contract in 34 days
322 West 22nd Street, #5

Asking: $5,995,000
Sold for: $6,300,000

In Contract in 29 days

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