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Updated: Aug 1

A Guide To Renting Furniture

There are many reasons why someone may elect to rent furniture, as opposed to purchasing it. Renting furniture allows you to enjoy furnishings that match your current living situation without committing to it long-term. Renting could be a great solution for people who aren't ready to make the commitment of purchasing yet.

There are a lot of deterrents to purchasing furniture. Furniture is bulky, large, odd shaped at times, and can be extremely costly. For example, if you move frequently, if you want to try out different styles of furniture, or if you are staging a house to sell — renting furniture is a good short-term solution. How can someone get started once they decide renting is the correct choice?

How To Rent Furniture

The first step is deciding that renting is the best option for you and your living situation. Next, you need to decide what company you want to proceed with and then begin picking out your furniture.

1. Select Your Furniture

This simple step of picking your furniture may seem easy. However, if you aren’t careful, you could end up selecting furniture that is not compatible with your living space. You should select each piece of furniture with a specific room in mind, or pick a package to furnish the entire home/apartment. This way you can stick to a theme and everything fits nicely into the living areas.

2. Choose The Rental Period

Similar to many subscription services, you have different options to choose from. You are able to go month to month if this is what you would like. However, this may be more expensive than traditional time frames. Selecting a longer period like 6 months to a year may cost less than a per month arrangement. Be sure to select a rental period that makes sense for you.

3. Filling Out A Credit Application

After deciding which furniture provider you’re going with and the rental period, you most likely have to go through a credit application. Most rental companies will need you to go through a credit check prior to the transaction. Once you fill out the application and get approved, you can proceed forward with the process.

4. Plan Your Delivery Date

The next step is to decide when you want to have the furniture delivered. You will most likely need to plan the delivery out so that it is available based on your move in day. Plan ahead so that there are no lapses in the time you are settled in the new place and when your furniture is scheduled to arrive.

5. Be Mindful Of Lease Expiration

You should keep in mind what the specific terms and conditions are after you sign an agreement. Typically at the end of the furniture renting lease agreement it typically auto renews month to month. If you want to avoid this, be aware of the ending terms so you can arrange pickup if that is what you desire.

6. When Renting Furniture Makes Sense

Making large purchases in life is sensible only in the right circumstances. If you fall into one of these categories, renting probably makes more sense for you instead.

7. You’re Moving In Less Than 2 Years

Moving is stressful enough of a task. Adding a plethora of furniture into the equation to worry about on top of that is not ideal. Transporting all of your purchased furniture to a new property can either be costly to hire movers or overwhelming to handle yourself. If you plan to move within a year or two, renting instead of buying furniture makes sense.

8. You Anticipate Moving Long Distance

We have already established that moving can be stressful, especially if you own a ton of furniture. It can be really intense if you plan to move long distances and you have recently purchased furniture. It can be really costly to ship furniture over long distances. This is why if you intend to move far away in the near future, renting would be the smartest option.

You Don’t Have Funds To Purchase Furniture Currently

What better way to establish some credit while also not being on the hook for an exorbitant bill at the same time? If you do not have funds currently to purchase furniture outright, you can start off by renting. This will delay the big purchase until you are potentially ready a little bit down the road.

You Require Furniture Quickly With Stress Free Delivery

When you purchase furniture, you most likely will have to either transport it yourself or pay for transport to your residence. With rental furniture, companies will most likely deliver to your residency for free and in a timely manner. If you determine that speed and ease of mind tops your list perhaps renting is for you.

You Need To Stage A Home To Sell It

Perhaps the best reason to rent furniture is if you are preparing your home to be sold. Staging a home is perhaps the reason that most people would decide to rent furniture. If you want a home to look professional and homely to newcomers, staging the house with rented furniture is a great way to accomplish this.

How Much Does Renting Furniture Cost?

The cost of renting furniture depends on several factors. The company you decide to use for renting plays a part in the cost equation. However, other aspects such as the area in which you are renting, what furnishings you choose, how many rooms, etc. are determining factors as well. It is best to consult with Quadra to get an accurate price to your exact needs.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Or Rent Furniture?

Renting furniture may be a better financial option in the short term. Unfortunately, the costs can really add up the longer you rent. Let’s say you rent furniture for 3 successive years in anticipation of moving at some point. With the amount you have spent on the furniture lease, you could have bought the same furniture outright most likely. This is why in the short term it can make financial sense to lease. Longer term, buying is the cheaper option.

Renting Furniture With Quadra

If you are moving around a lot, living somewhere that is hard to move large furniture or just aren’t ready to commit to a large purchase — then renting furniture is the best option for you. There are other reasons why renting may be a good alternative to buying furniture. If you are leaning towards renting furniture, contact Quadra for more information today.

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