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Quadra Artist Program


Quadra designs Manhattan's most coveted spaces to sell or to stay in. Part of what makes our approach so effective is how we expertly accentuate a property's architectural identity while optimizing it's functionality. Artwork is an essential element to our process from helping prospective home buyers envision living in a listing to making those on business feel like they're at home when away from home.

Our Program

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For these reasons and more, we want to share our platform with emerging fine artists and help them gain recognition. We have crafted a program to help creators sell their works through our designs to the discerning clientele who frequent our spaces. 10% of Quadra designed properties are purchased as-is; furniture, décor and art are all included.

The Quadra Artist Program will share these opportunities with artists to sell their works directly and we will include QR code displays on all pieces featured in our designs so that everyone who tours one of our spaces can be a prospective art buyer not just those with an accepted offer on a listing.


In addition, when our designs are photographed featuring Program art work we pledge to share that content with the artist. The images will also be posted with credit on Quadra social media platforms. We believe in art and want to support fine artists.


We encourage artists with active websites that showcase their artwork for sale to submit for consideration into this program. Please send your website link to:

Apply to Our Artist Program

Thanks for submitting!
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