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Staging as

a state of mind.

QUADRA has been a pivotal asset, providing distinct curation, elevated aesthetic and efficient Staging & B2B Turnkey services since 2005.

Derived from the Latin quattuour, meaning “four,” Quadra is a pedestal deftly balanced on our four guiding forces: 


We master the art of bespoke design, bringing a unique perspective to each project with precision and attention to detail. Our approach sets us apart from the rest, creating one-of-a-kind spaces that reflect its essence. 


Building strong relationships with our clients is at the core of everything we do. We take the time to understand our clients' needs and tailor our services to exceed their expectations.


We understand that every project is unique, and we are flexible in our approach to meet the specific needs of each client.


Our leading-edge approach ensures that our designs are always at the forefront of the latest trends, resulting in high-end, welcoming spaces.

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Dynamic Duo of Quadra

daniela & robert

Daniela is a Brazilian with 20 years of experience in real estate and decor, and a background in journalism for Globo TV and Bloomberg News. She brings her "design eye" and passion for art and fashion to Quadra. Robert is a Croatian-Sensation with a background in finance and technology, and is dedicated to making the design industry more sustainable and compassionate. He is an avid cyclist, tennis player and music lover. They are parents of two daughters and a labradoodle.

Together, their combined expertise and passion for design has led them to create a unique approach to staging that sets Quadra apart from the competition, providing an unparalleled level of sophistication and distinction to any space they work on. The couple's dedication to their craft has earned Quadra a reputation as one of the top staging companies in the New York City.

The team

At QUADRA, our team is killing it every day. We are a dedicated and committed group who make magic happen. With our hard work and passion, we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible.



Located in New Jersey, our warehouse is where it all starts. It's home to our vast inventory of cool and high-end furniture. Our logistic team is the backbone of our operations, responsible for ensuring that everything is in order and ready to be sent out to each project.

We go beyond staging to evoke a lifestyle.

It is through our exceptional experience, impeccable process control and artful collection that we have come to be recognized as the premier platform for swiftly shifting a listing from empty space to sold — and we’re grateful to name some of NYC’s most iconic properties on our roster.

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