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Founded in New York City by dynamic duo Daniela Schneider and Robert Sablic, Quadra has been a key player in the industry since 2005. With a focus on distinctive curation and elevated aesthetics, they offer comprehensive staging, turnkey, and rental services to both homeowners and real estate professionals alike. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail has made them a trusted and sought-after partner in the field.

Derived from the Latin quattuour, meaning “four,” Quadra is a pedestal deftly balanced on our four paramount design ethos: Passion, Collaboration, Superior Quality and Flexibility. We go beyond staging to evoke a lifestyle. It is through our exceptional experience, impeccable process control and artful collection that we have come to be recognized as the premier platform for swiftly shifting a listing from empty space to sold — and we’re grateful to name some of NYC’s most iconic properties on our roster. Whether temporary or permanent — from the first brushstroke of paint to the last touch of mindfully-sought decor placed on the coffee table, we design with purpose. 




A Brazilian by ilk and a New Yorker at heart, Daniela's experience is underscored by the idea that “Home is where you create it.” As a journalist on a decade-long career path as an anchor and producer for Globo TV and Bloomberg News in NYC, she developed her keen editorial sense and passion for well-articulated presentation. But it was her parallel focus on art and fashion that led Daniela to embrace her affinity for design and ultimately create Quadra in partnership with her husband Robert. With nearly 20 years of extraordinary experience she has become an esteemed name in real estate and decor, having designed and furnished thousands of homes in NYC and beyond. Known for her innate “design eye,” she brings unrivaled sophistication and distinguished curation to any environment.


Robert directs Quadra’s strategy and optimizes its efficiencies. Born in Croatia, he was an intrepid and accomplished student of business and moved to New York to complete his advanced degree, whereafter he began his career at the Bank of New York Mellon. A pivotal part of the acclaimed institution for 15 years, he quickly escalated in the ranks to become the Vice President of Client Technology. Always instilled with a penchant for all things art, design and NYC, he founded Quadra with his wife Daniela in 2005, joining the design firm full time several years later. Having a natural talent for operational success and expansion, he's driven by curiosity, creativity and cultural-consciousness in his pursuit to make the design industry a more sustainable and compassionate place. Valuing a life best lived and the core essence of home, he is an avid cyclist, tennis player, a music lover and a proud father of his two daughters, Pietra & Paola and the family labradoodle Oliver.

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